Natural Phenomenon

In area I live within Canada we don’t get drastic weather really, but we get all four seasons:

  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall

Out of all four of the seasons my favorite one would be winter. Why may you ask? Well the resin why I like winter is because I like the look of the town dressed in white, I also like the sports. My favorite sport would be skiing, why? Well  the rush you get when the wind is blowing through my hair, is one thing and when you go through trees you feel like your on a adventure. One big thing about this big winter in my town,is that we got over ten centimeters of snow, and we don’t usually get that much. I also had my very first snow day.  We also had a day that hit the record book coldest day. I think this winter , was a winter to remember .images (19)

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