And Then it Happened!!! Written By Erin Q.

The Village


By:Erin Q


There were two little boys named Willie and John. One day they designed that their new spot play, would be in the near by forest. Until one day, Willie fell into a hole, where he saw a dead body just laying there. The little boy Willie screamed in horror!Then he realized there was no way out of the deep hole without help. So his friend John went running to the town, and told Murdoch. That’s when the inspector brought me to the scene. My name is Dr. Julia Ogden; my job is to detect the way of death. In my mind no death shall be undetected!

When I arrived at the scene Willie was being pulled out of the deep hole, as they helped Murdoch down. Then they helped me down the hole. As I looked at the body, I know that this is a fresh death. For some reason the body had bark clothes on. As Murdoch checked out the scene, I looked at the body, it was strange looking at such a fresh body. then Murdoch called me over, so constable George helped  hole. I walked over to Murdoch, and I saw what he saw. A village of  wood and bark. All of the people were wear bark clothing, like the man in the man in the hole. I could tell from there that this going to be a good mystery.

Murdoch, the inspector and I went to the village and found the leader. We asked many people who, and where is the leader of this village? Many answered with “Who are you?” But finally we asked one more person, where is the leader. She gave no answer at first, then she gave us a look like she did something wrong. Then she spoke “I’ll tell you, but first who are you?” I answered “I’m Dr. Julia Ogden.” Then the inspector spoke “I am the inspector, and this is Murdoch, the detective.” She gave a little head nod, and told us to come. In my mind I thought that we have our first suspect.  As we walked through the village I watched her body language, I found that she was very confident that I wouldn’t figure this out, that she was hiding something. Murdoch gave me a look, that he knows what i’m thinking. Murdoch stepped up to the plate  first and asked “You never told us you name.” she pauses and turns around and says”My name is Marianne.” And keeps walking right after. As the time passed by the inspector clued in.

Just then she stopped in her tracks. “We are here, Just go inside.” I walked in first when Murdoch noticed a blood stain on the sides of her bark dress.  When we were inside Murdoch told me. I jumped in Surprise when leader jumped down from the ceiling. Just then constable George walked in and screamed.   When he saw him jump down.  Right after that, I asked the first question “Hello I’m Dr. Julia Ogden. I have a few questions for you.  There has been a death in the area.  Do you know anything about this?”  he answered “No, do you know who it is?”  Murdoch stepped up “No, we could use your help, come with us.”  We walked out

of the tent. I asked “how long have you been living here?”  he answered “Two years, so you have met Marianne, she is my wife.”  When he said that, it made me think.  Then I told Murdoch I was going ahead and when I got there first I saw the body was gone.  Murdoch walked up to me and then told constable to go and look for Marianne, and so he did.  I went home that night and thought about the scene, there was no way it was an accident. That night constable George went missing,  Murdoch found dragged shoe tracks in the dirt that lead across the lake where there was a bright light.  When Murdoch got across the lake he found constable with a sack on his head, and then it happened.  Our predictions were wrong Emily was holding the axe. Emily was a young child, eight years old.  She was charged with the death of Robert Knots.


After that busy night I went back to the lab in the morning, here was Murdoch on the floor and he said “Julia, I  wonder how such a young child could create such a great plan?  How did she do it?”  I told him peroxide,  I found traces in his throat.” he jumps up and said “That was the end of the mystery. It took no time, I bet there’s more to it.” “But there’s not.”

The End! 🙂


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  1. G’day Erin,
    I love watching the Murdoch Mysteries on TV and you certainly created an unusual one. I love the way Murdoch solves the murder by use of forensics that are now commonplace to us.

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