Week 7 Post!!!!

Activity 2)Erin Quosing

What i’m connected to:

-My horse Buckaroo

-My family

-My teachers and my friends

-My blog

Activity 3)  I think That the connected teacher and a student would be slimier because many students are connected to there family and community  also the web. The differences would be that, a student that many students don’t have co-workers, but they have there peers and friends. There are not many differences between a student and a teacher.

Activity 4) Within both those videos, all the facts were very important. The video I preferred, was the video about your digital  foot print, I liked that video because the video carried so many facts that were probably unknown by many people. Some of the facts were unknown by me. The video’s weren’t that different. They both carried information about cyber safety, but in the video about your digital dossier, the video was focused on

Activity 5)  My digital foot print is positive. I know that having access to the internet is a privilege and not a right. When I use the web I use it only for appropriate things. I use for school, and sometimes for luxury, like when I am listening to music or playing games. I would be fine if my grandparents or future grandchildren look at what I have done on the web, because I use the internet appropriately.

Activity 6) Within all of the nine elements, there was somethings that were important and stuck out in my eyes. I think that it is important that everyone knows that by using the web the wrong way can affect you and maybe sometimes others. by using the web appropriately you are