Musical review

Shrek The Musical

“That’ll do donkey, that’ll do” calls out Shrek from: Shrek The Musical. The distinctive play brings out the best of everyone; I’d say director Jim had a great group of students. The message in the play is a valuable one, one that everyone needs some work on. The actors, and orchestra brought the play together. This high school performance probably beat some broadway plays. Overall, this play was a three and a half star show, out of five stars. The sound, lights, props, and costumes were great. The actors, audience, and performance knew what they were doing. Shrek: The Musical brought hysterical actors to the stage, and it worked.

This enthusiastic and dramatic costumes, props, sounds, and lights brought the musical together, like the binding of a book. The set up of the play was marvelous, beautify in every direction you look. The artis skills were great for the production being put on by a high school with very little money within the bank account . Lord farquaad’s outfit was a success for making him look short. Ferlenn  (Lord Farquaad) was unique, with the perfect voice to fit the part. The dragon, and the gingerbread man, were two great props. The dragon was played by Yaaba Paintsil who did a fantastic job. When eyes of dragen changed it brought dramatic suspense to the audience. They had a difficulty with the dragon prop with arm falling off, but they carried on with show like nothing happened. The sound was phenomenal, and so were the lights.

The actors and audience had a connection, like they were a fish on a hook being pulled in. Within the play I think my favourite actor was donkey played by Anna Dzieciol; she nailed the voice of donkey in the real shrek that was played Eddie Murphy, in the 2001 film. The film was released April, 22nd, 2001 and made a big hit. The same happened with this musical. The main characters Shrek (Chris), Donkey (Anna ), and Fiona (Bailey  & Lauren ) bring the 2001 film to life.

The performance in my opinion, is a three and a half stars out of five stars. I beleive the message that goes along with the musical ( film ) is that even the ugliest person could be the most honest, friendliest person. This reminds me of one of my favourite sayings ” Don’t judge a book by its cover.”, the message was really presented within the musical. Funny, inspiring, dramatic, creative, and enjoy able. Those are five words that I think would explain the performance.

” I think I got you beat, I think I got beat.” Directs Fiona to Shrek. The the play was enjoyable, and did not put me to sleep. It kept me on my toes, event though I have probably seen the movie over 50 times. I find that a good sign. I thought the musical was fantastic for a high school with a very low budget. I loved the musical, I would recommend the play for everyone, as it was a kid, and adult show. Those were my thoughts and opinons on Shrek The Musical.


My Olympics Project

I have a school project about the winter Olympics in Sochi.  The components of the project is to complete 18 different tasks, like table chats,  graphs and paragraphs.

One of my tasks is to: You have just lost the gold medal in your Olympic event by .01 second. Write a blog entry expressing your thoughts. Refer to an Olympians blog for ideas.

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Hi name is Erin Q, I am a luge Olympian. I have been training for the olympics my whole life. My thoughts on the fact that I have just lost gold by .01 second, is I am a little upset, but the fact that I am able to be here in Sochi, and that I can participate in this olympics, make`s everything better. If I were to do my run again. would I change anything? No, I tried my best, and had fun. Really I’m here for the ride and to enjoy life, and living it to it’s fullest potential. I think if people don’t try and be someone in the world, and if people just give up, then why live. Life will change you. One of my favourite  sayings is ” When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade”. I find that it means that when things get hard, don’t give up keep trying.

This has been Erin Q.

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Natural Phenomenon

In area I live within Canada we don’t get drastic weather really, but we get all four seasons:

  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall

Out of all four of the seasons my favorite one would be winter. Why may you ask? Well the resin why I like winter is because I like the look of the town dressed in white, I also like the sports. My favorite sport would be skiing, why? Well  the rush you get when the wind is blowing through my hair, is one thing and when you go through trees you feel like your on a adventure. One big thing about this big winter in my town,is that we got over ten centimeters of snow, and we don’t usually get that much. I also had my very first snow day.  We also had a day that hit the record book coldest day. I think this winter , was a winter to remember .images (19)

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Events of 2013

I believe that most important  event of 2013 was the disaster in the Philippians. I felt myself that I should of been there. It was an event that was waiting to happen. It is said that over 6,000 past away, and nearly 1,800 people are missing still after 1 month and 6 days. One more treacherous event that struck my heart is… The Boston Bombing  this event left 280 injured and 5 people dead. Both of these events are important to me because many people are in need of prayers because what happened in the Philippians people still struggle searching for food and shelter, meanwhile many people in the Boston bombing have lost loved ones.

Week 9 part B!!!

For this year the blog I want to nominate, is  this blog:

Why? You may ask. Well the reason why I want to nominate Rachels blog is because, whenever I go and visit her blog she has a new post. Not only a new post, but, all her posts always include connections about her life, and adds interesting facts about different things. Such as one of her latest posts about dinosaurs:

Also all of her post fit in the category of a great post! Within her posts you can tell what type of person she is, and her personality. 🙂

Week 8 Post!!!!

Activity 1) What makes a great post? Well I think that when a post is detailed, and is full of facts, and has photos that go with the subject of the post  it makes it an okay post. When a post has all those and connections, like text-to-world, and so on. Also when the post has effective vocabulary that contributes to the post, and adds detail, that’s what makes a great post! When visiting others blogs, What makes me stop and read the post? Well I like to read blogs that I may have a connection to me, but what makes me stop, is when the post has a eye popping, or a catchy title, or even a cool picture. I like it when the post has something I did not know already, but not a lot of people know what I know, and don’t know. How do I find great posts? Well I simply just look at different blogs, and find what is the best post in my mind.

Activity 2)I visited my ten blogs, and there were very good! There topics were excellent.

Activity 3)I think my best post was my Human Rights post. I think this post stood out in front of of the others because I made many connections, and proved my point of way I thought Human Rights is such a important law. I have made two post so far about me-


I think being able to write posts about your own personal interest is fantastic! People with some of the same interests as you, are able to come back to your site, and have a connection to you, and your blog. Why? I think this way because, if someone were to  just blog posts for the week challenges, you would know some stuff about them, but not a lot to what you would know if they posted more.

Activity 4)The first blog is:

The reason why I like her blog is because, within her blog she includes many different types of information, it also had information about her, and her personal interest. How I found her? Well she found me first. She visited my blog, and commented her blog address. Why I clicked to go to her blog? Well her comment interested me because we both had a interest in the Percy Jackson series.

Here is the second blog:

The reason why I like her blog because when I visited her blog, the first post I saw and read, was about her and her family. How I found her blog? On Rachel’s blog, I saw her name and clicked. I loved this post on her blog:

Here is the third blog:

I liked her blog because within her blog she included information about her and included great vocabulary.

And Then it Happened!!! Written By Erin Q.

The Village


By:Erin Q


There were two little boys named Willie and John. One day they designed that their new spot play, would be in the near by forest. Until one day, Willie fell into a hole, where he saw a dead body just laying there. The little boy Willie screamed in horror!Then he realized there was no way out of the deep hole without help. So his friend John went running to the town, and told Murdoch. That’s when the inspector brought me to the scene. My name is Dr. Julia Ogden; my job is to detect the way of death. In my mind no death shall be undetected!

When I arrived at the scene Willie was being pulled out of the deep hole, as they helped Murdoch down. Then they helped me down the hole. As I looked at the body, I know that this is a fresh death. For some reason the body had bark clothes on. As Murdoch checked out the scene, I looked at the body, it was strange looking at such a fresh body. then Murdoch called me over, so constable George helped  hole. I walked over to Murdoch, and I saw what he saw. A village of  wood and bark. All of the people were wear bark clothing, like the man in the man in the hole. I could tell from there that this going to be a good mystery.

Murdoch, the inspector and I went to the village and found the leader. We asked many people who, and where is the leader of this village? Many answered with “Who are you?” But finally we asked one more person, where is the leader. She gave no answer at first, then she gave us a look like she did something wrong. Then she spoke “I’ll tell you, but first who are you?” I answered “I’m Dr. Julia Ogden.” Then the inspector spoke “I am the inspector, and this is Murdoch, the detective.” She gave a little head nod, and told us to come. In my mind I thought that we have our first suspect.  As we walked through the village I watched her body language, I found that she was very confident that I wouldn’t figure this out, that she was hiding something. Murdoch gave me a look, that he knows what i’m thinking. Murdoch stepped up to the plate  first and asked “You never told us you name.” she pauses and turns around and says”My name is Marianne.” And keeps walking right after. As the time passed by the inspector clued in.

Just then she stopped in her tracks. “We are here, Just go inside.” I walked in first when Murdoch noticed a blood stain on the sides of her bark dress.  When we were inside Murdoch told me. I jumped in Surprise when leader jumped down from the ceiling. Just then constable George walked in and screamed.   When he saw him jump down.  Right after that, I asked the first question “Hello I’m Dr. Julia Ogden. I have a few questions for you.  There has been a death in the area.  Do you know anything about this?”  he answered “No, do you know who it is?”  Murdoch stepped up “No, we could use your help, come with us.”  We walked out

of the tent. I asked “how long have you been living here?”  he answered “Two years, so you have met Marianne, she is my wife.”  When he said that, it made me think.  Then I told Murdoch I was going ahead and when I got there first I saw the body was gone.  Murdoch walked up to me and then told constable to go and look for Marianne, and so he did.  I went home that night and thought about the scene, there was no way it was an accident. That night constable George went missing,  Murdoch found dragged shoe tracks in the dirt that lead across the lake where there was a bright light.  When Murdoch got across the lake he found constable with a sack on his head, and then it happened.  Our predictions were wrong Emily was holding the axe. Emily was a young child, eight years old.  She was charged with the death of Robert Knots.


After that busy night I went back to the lab in the morning, here was Murdoch on the floor and he said “Julia, I  wonder how such a young child could create such a great plan?  How did she do it?”  I told him peroxide,  I found traces in his throat.” he jumps up and said “That was the end of the mystery. It took no time, I bet there’s more to it.” “But there’s not.”

The End! 🙂


Week 7 Post!!!!

Activity 2)Erin Quosing

What i’m connected to:

-My horse Buckaroo

-My family

-My teachers and my friends

-My blog

Activity 3)  I think That the connected teacher and a student would be slimier because many students are connected to there family and community  also the web. The differences would be that, a student that many students don’t have co-workers, but they have there peers and friends. There are not many differences between a student and a teacher.

Activity 4) Within both those videos, all the facts were very important. The video I preferred, was the video about your digital  foot print, I liked that video because the video carried so many facts that were probably unknown by many people. Some of the facts were unknown by me. The video’s weren’t that different. They both carried information about cyber safety, but in the video about your digital dossier, the video was focused on

Activity 5)  My digital foot print is positive. I know that having access to the internet is a privilege and not a right. When I use the web I use it only for appropriate things. I use for school, and sometimes for luxury, like when I am listening to music or playing games. I would be fine if my grandparents or future grandchildren look at what I have done on the web, because I use the internet appropriately.

Activity 6) Within all of the nine elements, there was somethings that were important and stuck out in my eyes. I think that it is important that everyone knows that by using the web the wrong way can affect you and maybe sometimes others. by using the web appropriately you are

Week 6

Activity 1) In my class many grandparents were from a different country, But many were from Canada.  Here is a list were some grandparents were form:


-Great Briton




Activity 2) In my family we eat a lot of meat, but, there is one recipe that has been passed down the line. We call it lumber jack soup. I can’t tell you some of the ingredients but here are some: hamburger, decided tomato, and nodal’s. There a couple other ingredients, but I can’t tell you. In Canada there is one food that I don’t know if its anywhere else. It has french fries and gravy and cheeses.

Activity 3) No not that my family does. But we have holidays in Canada. Here are some: New Years, Valentines Day, Saint Patty’s Day,  Easter, Canada’s Day, and Christmas.

Activity 4) My family goes back 6 generations before the people that come to Canada!